Anyscreen Annual Subscription



If I purchase Anyscreen Server,
My programs will work next year, isn’t it?
Do I have to pay 800 dollars every year for my programs to continue working?

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Akin Tezel?

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What I understood was that the annual payment is to receive the updates, once it is bought and paid once the server works forever or until the world ends.

This is an answer in the softvelocity anyscreen group:

The point is, I don’t understand what I get with an annual AnyScreen subscription. Does it mean that anyScreen works only for one year and do I have to pay year after year $ 800 dollars to keep applications that use anyscreen active?

  1. The USD800 will allow you to install unlimited Anyscreen servers.

  2. All AnyScreen applications will continue to work at the AnyScreen server even after the subscription expired.

  3. You can continue to install AnyScreen server even after the subscription expired.

  4. The only you will stop receiving after your subscription expired is the update patches for the AnyScreen Server.


Kelvin Chua

Martin_Queirolo ;

Thank you for your interesting. I am convinced to buy the Anyscreen server.

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Akin Tezel