AnyScreen broken fonts

I have just started fiddling with AnyScreen, and my first impression is not great.

Here is the original ABC application:

Notice the entire application is using Segoe UI

Here is the same app in AnyScreen on Chrome:

The browse form has defaulted to Times New Roman or something equally ghastly. Is there a trick to fixing it?

I dont know if you are selling to the US State Dept, but they are ditching Times New Roman and moving to Calibri. The US State Department Ditches Times New Roman for Calibri | WIRED

Depending on version being tested, your font problem may be the least important problem you happen upon.

I have a Sheet-Tab Property explorer in the below GitHub Repo that allows trying every possible feature. It includes a separate CLW and Project for building with Any Screen. So you will find several Sheet features that do not work in AS. You will also see the font difference. Its all hand code i.e. no App.


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Thanks. Iā€™m sure I will find it most useful in the future. Much appreciated.