Anyscreen compatibility with C10 and TPS driver

Does anyscreen is compatible with C10 and TPS driver under IOS and Android mobile devices ?

Anyscreen only works with C11 build 13505 and after. I effectivly provides a webserver that will work with most browsers to emulate the look and feel of your app.

Hi thanks for your answer. I don´t receive answer about compatibility with TPS driver. And does it works with multi-dll apps ?

It works with just about everything. Anyscreen basically replaces the display of clarion windows with a browser. Apart from a few caveats with ocx’s it all works. You have a win32 program and an anyscreen display server.

There is a large volume of info on the anyscreen newsserver on I suggest you look there. Many questions will be answered

Thanks Sean.

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Hi Sean. Chrome can´t find

Any idea why ?

Hi Sean.

Chrome can´t find

Any idea why ?

I guess those NewsMan Pro links are bad now. And MalwareBytes blocks it due to phishing.

Yeah thanks, I made a note on the post. I still have the exe and fire it up every few months to update my archive but otherwise I am done with newsgroups.