AnyScreen Failure to Display COMBO if No Records in Queue

I am wondering if anyone has noted discussion within the AnyScreen newsgroup about COMBO controls failing to display with a zero record queue? I have reported the bug but am skeptical whether a timely response will appear.

Thank you.

I have not seen that particular bug mentioned on COMBO

Thanks for the quick response. It is particularly deadly for COMBOs that are dependent upon values entered from other controls. Rather than wait for another release, it sounds like a class work around might be needed.

Frustratingly difficult to exactly debug.
A little discourse regarding the PTSS might be helpful.

Did you try emailing support@?

Maybe they can help amplify your PTSS report to ensure it can be noticed by the development team.

One can lead a horse to water, but …

For anyone with interest, here is a sample of the offending COMBO code under AnyScreen:
?COMBO{PROP:Drop} = CHOOSE(RECORDS(ComboQ)<max#,RECORDS(ComboQ),max#)

The workaround is of course to code a default minimum > zero.