AnyScreen, Is it ready for production?

I am looking at AnyScreen to provide users to a simple Form/Browse/Report functionality.
The number of users will be between 5 and 10.
The application will connect to a SQL database

Is it stable enough to be placed in a production environment?
Is it worth the cost?

Any feedback would be apricated

Bill Atchison

In response to some of my AnyScreen bug reports, I’ve been told the server version now being sold is more current and has fixes that are not in the IDE. There are also a couple of issues that occur because of the IDE but not with the server product.

I’m using it in production, but as a web app portal for a client to accept employment applications, employee onboarding, employee access to payroll history, and benefits enrollment. It’s mostly well-behaved. There are issues with scrolling lists and drop-down navigation. Infrequently, entry fields don’t convey the data entered into the use variable. That one is a nuisance. The others I believe to be of my own making (I had to develop new procedure templates).

This is a demo “People Search” app using the templates I did for the portal. It also shows the issues with scrolling a drop list/combo on a phone.

Thanks for the feedback. I will pass it along to my management.

Bill A.

I get a message box saying
Establishing connection

But it never connects, and and I also get other window “link” errors messages.

I see its Anyscreen v1.2 which is I guess is what was released in April this year.

Are you talking about your setup or access to the PeopleSearch webapp?

The server here (

If you’re talking about the PeopleSearch demo, I need more info. It’s working for me on my phone coming in from outside.

If you’re talking about the portal apps, there’s a bug in the developer’s edition of SQL Anywhere. Here’s a 1 minute video of how to get around that bug.

If you use the Portal Apps, you have to give a real cell phone number. A text message with a confirmation number is sent to the phone. That’s how the authentication works.

I was just having a nose and it started with error messages. Its not something I’m interested, maybe 15 years ago but I dont have a need for that now and I dont even have a mobile, I prefer to not be followed around, but that happens anyway where I live.

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