AnyScreen - MESSAGE Not Supported in Client Display

Looks like a MESSAGE window does not display within a WinApi or HTML5 client.

For instance, if Cancel clicked on a form and WindowClass.CancelAction is set to query and verify, the message window will not display under HTML5 as expected.

Work around would be to set CancelAction based on AnyScreen:Active().

It works if "_AnyScreenPresent_ => 1" is set in project properties, it calls RisNet:Message instead of standard MESSAGE. If _AnyScreenPresent_ is set to 0 or not defined, MESSAGE works as well, but message box is displayed not in browser, but on desktop below all opened windows.

Thank you for pointing that out. Obviously had forgotten the define in the project file for the test.
With a browser open on one monitor, AnyScreen displayed a window there but the MESSAGE window was opening on the other monitor.

I wonder if something like this would be useful in

     You need to set the _AnyScreenPresent_ define   
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Certainly would not hurt. While the AnyScreen template adds the setting for a solution, a project file otherwise created does not. Easy to forget and head scratching because coded windows will still appear as expected.