AnyScreen - One Year Ago

Tomorrow marks the one year anniversary of my AnyScreen purchase. During the year, I received one minor and one major update, neither of which addressed my most significant confirmed bug, namely the failure of Combo controls under AnyScreen.

Yes, I do understand that a complaint here on ClarionHub is unlikely to be read by SV. However, over the years I have observed a high correlation between a little whinging and the release of new versions. While I am happy to accept a near zero level of causation, in the spirit of the great USA freeze, a disconnected data server, and no remote work access, I hereby submit this post with a strong belief in the validity of my long-time statistics.

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Did it work? Any updates yet?

I won’t go so far as to say that “this post worked” - especially given lots and lots of posts in the official AnyScreen newsgroup - but yes there have been a bunch of builds over the last month. I’ve gotten 5 updates (pre-releases of Clarion 11.1) and I believe there have been at least 3 public releases of the same.


Would sure like to know how one obtains anything after the initial pre-release.
Having a C11 or AnyScreen subscription is not enough to prompt a notice.

Robert Zaunere posted this on the sv.clarion.anyscreen newsgroup back in April…

If you have the available time and interest in testing the pre-release of
AnyScreen version 1.2, please email to [email protected] with a Subject
of ‘AnyScreen 1.2 pre-release testing’.

So if you’re not signed up for that then that could explain it.
But I’d email Sales as I think the most recent release(s) went out to everyone with a Clarion 11 CSP

I did exactly that when you last posted the email. I got the first release but no word about any additional pre-releases. I recently uploaded another Combo test to PTSS and can only hope Daniel sees it.

To be honest I don’t think you’re missing a lot!

The latest releases have fixed some AnyScreen items but Clarion 11.1 itself seems to be buggy at the moment.

Latest problem is with the DCT Editor which stops displaying properties of keys and fields.

Maybe it’s just a display issue but certainly doesn’t inspire confidence when it happens with small shipping DCTs like SCHOOL.DCT

I don’t think the PTSS system is in use really - there aren’t even release numbers for the latest builds.

Agreed, I have entered a PTSS for dct problems. I have a good set of past issues for testing AnyScreen. Since I need to make a critical decision for using it as a solution for one very small app, being able to test the most recent update would be very helpful to me. The PTSS confusion is again no surprise for SV.

I say “public” only because the mail I get implies I’m getting it because of the CSP. However that may just be their default message going out, so it may not actually be public.

If you want access to the pre-releases, as far as I know you should just ask. If you’re not getting them perhaps email Doreen and of course check your spam filters to make sure their emails will get through.

FWIW, I did not send the “I wanna test” email and the last build I’ve received from SV was 13630 last September.


I did email Doreen and I just received 13742. Will be testing AnyScreen tomorrow AM. Fingers crossed.