AnyScreen Version w/ v13768

Just installed v13768 in order to test the latest AnyScreen improvements.

Several of my PTSS reported AnyScreen bugs were noted as fixed in v1.2.2. Therefore, I was hopeful this Clarion version would include up to date AnyScreen files and it would breeze through my suite of simple tests. Afterall, these were the tests used to report the bugs. Unfortunately, no such luck.

The AnyScreen version included with v13768 only shows as v1.2. Might anyone know if v1.2.2 is still to come?

The AnyScreen subscription renewal emails have started to go out (we got ours yesterday)
So I suppose the answer is no, not unless you renew.

Pretty much the only AnyScreen change in Build 13768 is the replacement of the AnyScreenPDF.DLL which illegally shipped the PDFControl from WPCubed with Adrian Nelson’s Image2PDF library which he gifted to the community.

No chance for me to renew without tested proof that the bugs I reported have been fixed. Shipping a Clarion version with a working AnyScreen for developers should be an obvious choice for SV.

If nothing has really changed with the v13768 AnyScreen files besides the dates, I am happy to skip further testing. Yesterday, I was scratching my head to remember whether I had previously noted and forgot to report AnyScreen insisting upon rounding 9.99 -> 10.00 or 99.99 -> 100.00 on a numeric entry field formatted w/ @13.2B.

2021-10-11_081609.pdf (52.9 KB)

Latest AnyScreen 1.2.1 has been released and it looks like the changes are rolled into Clarion 11.1 Build 13768 (3.3 KB)

A long list indeed. Thanks for confirming the version in v13768. Will await v1.2.2 for continued testing.