App loading splash screen

Is there any way to signalize to user that app is loading? I have problem on slower systems, my app is big but main problem is with InMemory driver. When using InMemory driver app is also loading some databases for caching at startup. It takes only few seconds but users usually repeatedly clicking on icon in meantime and then errors pops up. I can’t find right embed point where to call “please wait screen”. In main procedure is already to late and i’m unable to show screen calling it anywhere from global embeds. Any ideas?

What I’ve done in the past was to:

  1. Change my main .EXE to a DLL that only exports the MAIN procedure.
  2. Create a tiny .EXE with a splash window.
  3. After the splash window opens, use LoadLibrary to load the main DLL and start the MAIN procedure.
  4. On the MAIN procedure, I added a WINDOW parameter to pass the splash window from the tiny EXE.
  5. In the MAIN procedure, I’d close the passed splash window.

Worked pretty well.

Thanks, i’ll try that. Thinking that InMemory driver should have some progress window indicating that data is loading.