Application Broker


Does anyone what is application broker? what the app for? and how to use it?


Doesn’t it break the applications?


I don’t think so. It is contain port and something for web app but don’t know to use it


The Application Broker is the web server used by the Internet Connect / WebBuilder / H5 templates.

The Appboker listens on the designated web port and then starts an instance of the Exe for each user that connects. The H5 templates then feed the AppBroker with current app state, html and so on, and the AppBroker routes that back to the browser.


Do you have the example app ?


As far as I am aware (as at the time of writing) there are no example apps for H5. Or documentation. there are however some videos on YouTube and there’s a few folk in the newsgroup who help each other.


Open this link for tutorials.


Bruce, do you know if the web builder templates come with the Enterprise edition of Clarion? Or, is that an add-on?


It comes with Enterprise Edition. Although folks tend to use the term “H5” now. I’m not sure the original WebBuilder stuff ships anymore (at all) I think it’s all been replaced with H5.


Seems almost same as xammp on mysql database. Which are configure the database control panel …which are there are port number where database run …


Hope the sofvelocity can jump in and make the explanation…and it will helpfull


Hi @joekanan, unfortunately we have not yet manged to entice any SV folks to be active here yet. @bob.ricketts did sign up but has not since posted…

Perhaps it would be worth emailing or calling them directly (or the newsgroups may be an option)? Feel free to encourage them to jump in here and help out though :slight_smile: