Application crashing when open file dialog is opened

Kia Ora folks

My C10 apllication has started crashing randomly when the the file
dialogue box pops up for users to select a csv file.

Has anyone encountered this?


Is there a parameter used? and is the same definition used on both sides?
I had something like this recently that ended up being the parameter list and prototype being all out of whack.


if code is inside a Modal Event and it calls a windows dialog you may find it does not behave as expected. Check the help on that one its lists the events it effects and states not to call any windows dialogs.

cest la vie

I hesitate to mention my experience - because I never figured out WHY it was a problem.
It didn’t (and still doesn’t) make any sense to me.

I wrote code that would dim a window when another window on the same thread was called.
I accomplished this by using SYSTEM{PROP:OpenWindowHook}
and CREATE()ing a REGION which I made semi-transparent using the API call SetLayeredWindowAttributes

I had it working, and I thought it looked pretty good.
But we found that FILEDIALOG would crash when it was turned on
and FILEDIALOG was fine when it was turned off.