Application pads/popup windows - how to control the layout better?

So I’ve installed Clarion11EE_installer-11.0.13244 and I’m overwhelmed by the number of application pads/popup windows.

So do any resources exist on how to improve the layout?

Look for or ask for the Lee White default layout. Highly recomended.

Only your post shows up here
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It might be on the SV discussions or ask Lee himself.

Nothing on his website,
Clarion Add-Ons from Lodestar Software (

Search results for 'sv discussions ’ - ClarionHub

I’ll email [email protected]

I dont know what will be a good monitor setup to use.
I tried using it on a Dell 15" laptop and it was too slow and the monitor was too small. It did my neck in.
Now that I can go ultrawide (5760x1080), I can afford to have the app pads detached from the IDE, but they dont always disappear, so they block other app pads.

Its nice having some app pads which are almost full screen, but if they could get out the way when not in use, that would nicer. They appear when they need to appear and remember where they were, thats fine.

Admittedly this is running just one instance of C11.

I like to have lots of C6 ide’s open at the same time, which means running the app/dct/templates as readonly.

When using C11 with the app pads contained in the main IDE window, thats when the app pads get a bit overwhelming with them popping out, popping up and not always hiding.

Is there a way to also increase the amount of time the mouse pointer hovers over an app pad before it appears?

I sometimes move my mouse pointer out of the way of what I’m looking at, and invariably I end up moving it over an app pad which causes it to pop out and obscure what I might be looking at.

Edit: Re SV Discussions do you mean the dbabble & ng’s?

So Lee emailed me a copy of his file MyLayout.xml which I will look through and compare to the layouts found in C:\Clarion11\data\resources\layouts.

There is some sorting to match up the compares still, but I’m wondering if there is a editor of sorts which exists for these layout files? I know I can create new layouts in the IDE, but its not very helpful.

I run 2 monitors and have pad spread across them. All pinned in position
For 1 monitor I tend to have all the pads except output and errors pinned to the RHS and sized to about 1/3 or less of the monitor. output and errors I have popup at the bottom