Array checking c10

Hi is there a way to check two array elements

Array 1 12, 20 Elements
Array 2 12,20 Elements

How do I check if array1 is the same as array 2 something like

If array1 《》 array2
Do something

Or do I need to loop though it all ?

If you define your array as a GROUP, DIM() the structure allows multiple variable declarations to be referenced by a single label. You should be able to test something like GRP:1 <> GRP:2

You could put a STRING OVER(Array1) and compare the string.

or, if you want something more portable/re-usable, you could use a &STRING:



  MyRef1 &= ADDRESS(Array1) & ':' & SIZE(Array1)
  MyRef2 &= ADDRESS(Array2) & ':' & SIZE(Array2)

 IF MyRef1 = MyRef2
   Yada Yada

This could get wrapped into a function.

This was my first thought and way but I was getting compile errors missing indices. I will try again…probably something silly. But knowing I was on the right track.

I like this idea as well thanks. I will try this as plan b !