Barcode Font is fail

Have a wonderful good day dear programmers. I am currently faced with the problem that I would like to represent a number as a barcode. Have installed the Code128.ttf under Windows. However, this is not allowed as a text font when filling in the report. Always set to the old font. Do you have an idea which font works? Thank you very much for your help. Walter Schober

Where did you get the font from?

What version of windows are trying to install it on?

I downloaded the font from the web and installed it on Windows 11. In all programs this font also works as usual (Exel, Word etc. also other programs). Only under Clarion 11 does he simply reset the set font to the previous one. Funny. It also displays it in Fontsliste. Everything is normal until then. Then he puts it back again. Thank you for your efforts. Walter Schober

For a simple barcodes on a report we use Code-3-of-9 because the data is just enclosed between two asterisks …
sBarCode = '*' & variable & '*'
Code128 bar codes are harder because they require the data to be encoded.

I seem to remember there being a problem with some fonts in the past. This isnt it, but …
Microsoft: Windows Flaw Lets Hackers Use Fonts to Create Booby-Trapped Documents (
whether that would apply to a clarion report I dont know.

I think this sums it up best
It’s 2020 and hackers are still hijacking Windows PCs by exploiting font parser security holes. No patch, either • The Register

It has occurred to me, that MS might not have been using defensive programming techniques.

I know using the correct datatypes are a way of enforcing some form of defensive programming, but its clear the the fundamental problem with coding is the limited lines of code written to perform a function can be a weakness. For example, should some procedures be run only at a particular time of day or day of week? Anyway…

Use Taboga Barcode Templates - It works!

Oleg owns it now

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I always use this:
And it’s free.

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