Barcode Printing Rotation

Trying to print barcodes rotated by 90 degrees. Was using Taboga but when I rotate that using field rotation it loses part of the barcode from the print. Have been trying to use EasyCAM barcode writer but no rotation function so have been saving image, rotating and putting back but so long winded. There must be an easier way! What am I missing?

I as EasyCam developer can add Rotate function if there would be feature request.

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Mike … that would solve my problem entirely! Would far prefer to have it integrated into something that I use day in / day out than have to use yet another add in. What sort of timescale for this? I need to give my customer some idea.

I can add this feature in 10 minutes, then pass new version to the IngasoftPlus, they should prepare new release for production state, it usually takes some days. So I think it will be ready at the beginning of next week.

Mike … if you can do that I will be your most grateful client! Thank you for your assistance.

Sorry mate, we did it too quickly :slight_smile: New release is ready for testing:

Amazing … I’ll check it out.

One very happy customer. Thanks to all for acting so quickly for me.

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