Best portable database for clarion

Hi Everyone,

What is the best portable database for clarion applications which does not require installation and configuration separately, and the one has the ability to handle SQL statements ?

I am using TPS which is is created automatically and MS Access by shipping an empty database with my package for now.


Probably SQL lite.

Appropriate Uses For SQLite


Thank you. I will check it out.

Please make sure you upgrade the shipping version of sqlite3.dll because it has a security flaw.

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You don’t say what you want to do with the DB?

Is it Multiple Users running the program on a Network? But you want it to be easy to be single user run from the local C: drive.

Appropriate Uses For SQLite says it is not meant for " High Concurrency" nor “Many concurrent writers”. Not good for Networks “file locking logic is buggy in many network filesystem implementations (on both Unix and Windows” and “A good rule of thumb is to avoid using SQLite in situations where the same database will be accessed directly (without an intervening application server) and simultaneously from many computers over a network.”. It is optimized to be lean and mean, not be feature rich.

I have not used it myself, but have been told Firebird is worth a look. IIRC you can run it without installing the Server Engine i.e. Embedded Server or Firebird Embedded

For Firebird DB Admin there is the GUI tool Flame Robin


Whats the security flaw?

Stranger Strings: An exploitable flaw in SQLite

It’s been in SQLite since version 1.0.12 (released on October 17, 2000) and was only fixed in release 3.39.2 (released on July 21, 2022), Which means the one shipped with Clarion is vulnerable. This makes it a vulnerability similar to log4shell because it is used by many applications. Just do a search for sqlite3.dll on your own workstation.

Whether it can be exploited via a Clarion app or not, it is unprofessional to knowingly ship a vulnerable DLL. The last version of C11.1 was shipped in May, before the bug was fixed.

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I think there is a flaw in the compression algorithm that ships in clarion as well, however where it can be exploited I dont know, I would look at TUFO.

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I think @Dirk has a demo somewhere of Embedded Firebird.

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As luck would have it, the post popped up


I think it’s worth being somewhat nuanced here.
Yes, it’s not a bad thing to be on the latest SQLite 3. And compiling it yourself, or downloading a trusted binary build is no bad thing.

But the CVE I think Donn is referring to

does not at first read, affect Clarion programs. The issue exists in 64 bit code, not 32 bit code. And even then only if the internal printf function is used (which the driver may or may not be using - I don’t know.) So, since your clarion program is 32 bit, this does not seem to be an issue for current, or pre-existing clarion programs.

I mention this not to suggest that upgrading is bad, but to say that there’s no need to panic if you have Clarion apps out there using SQLite.


I checked those examples but is it possible to have a clarion 6.3 version of these examples


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If I do a search on this I get a whole lot of information about mountain bikes. Please can someone tell me what TUFO stands for?

Correct. It wasn’t clear to me whether a 32 bit program running on a 64 bit OS would be affected. I certainly hope not.

see Enumerating Fields in a GROUP or QUEUE - How do you know you've reached the end?

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