Blowfish encryption

Hello all.
I need to generate some blowfish encoded strings, and pass them to a .NET program which should be able to decode them.
I´m trying to use J-Blowfish but I cannot get consistent results compared to some online Blowfish tools ( or
I know string is padded with nulls. Tried that and also tried to use 8/16/24 length strings, with no luck in getting the same result.
Is there something I´m missing?

Hi there are several Clarion Blowfish versions floating around (at least there were maybe 10 years ago when I looked).

Often I found they did not tend to give the “standard” results meaning they were not useful where interacting with other software.

Capesoft’s Cryptonite has a blowfish class that might be worth a try…


Geoff R (aka Geoff Robinson)

See my old blog for an explanation of why:

I´ll check that.
Thanks to both!