Bluescreen faults with 3 monitors? C11

We have two independent reports of blue screens using a c11 program on machines with 3 monitors.

When they drop to 1 screen the program does not bluescreen.

One person was using UltraMon and the other has Dell DisplayLink.

Anyone using UltraMon or Dell DisplayLink with 3 monitors w/o an issue?


Is the clarion program on multiple monitors, or are there just multiple monitors on the system?

FWIW, I develop with 4 or 5 monitors, where some of them are DisplayLink
The only times I ever saw a BSOD tracked back to bad ram (about 15 years ago)

Most of our users are running multiple screens, but I can say that I know if any are using DisplayLink

I’ve never personally used UltraMon as I see no benefit to it, you just have to learn what’s already built into Windows.

Thanks. Not sure about the details. We have a lot of 2 screen users. Not so sure about how many with 3 or more.

Here is one users message:

“Unplug one monitor it will work then. I have 3 monitors on a windows 10 operating system using the Dell small interface box. The monitor I unplugged was using the USB port and a j5-create adapter for USB to VGA. I am still using the Ultramon software. [].”

I hope you know that a user-space program (ie your clarion program) runs in ring 3. To create BSOD code has to be running in ring 0. So you either have a hardware problem, or a device driver problem.

FWIW I’ve been running 3 monitors for probably 15 years now, with all versions of Clarion and endless Clarion programs, and I don’t get a BSOD. The only time we get BSOD’s (and it’s pretty rare) is when hardware is failing. (Memory or hard-drive being the most common.)