Bo schedule template and bo tran template

Hi All,

I had old version of Bo Schedule and Bo Tran template, which work well in C6.3 environment, I try to move those template to C9 or C10. But I fail to register Bo Schedule template in C9 or C10.

Does any one has solution to solve it? I try to contact the owner, which was pass away.


Terry Ho


Post the actual error message you are getting and perhaps someone can help point out what is wrong.


Hi Rick,

I get many errors “Report Error was Called-Please report this error to support”, when register the BST template.

The BST template need to call many tpw file, I had test that some tpw file doesn’t cause such problem, But some will cause such error.

If someone has latest version of BST template, I think it has fix the problem, because it support Clarion 7. My version of BST template is for Clarion 6.3.

Due to the broken of web site and I can not find any channel to upgrade it. If someone has any method to solve it, Please advise me.


Terry Ho