Brand New to Clarion - Looking for tutorials

Working in Clarion 9. New to Clarion. Know many other languages. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

You have come to the right place. ClarionHub is a great place for newbies (like me) to ask questions ad get help. There is also the ClarionLive ( site, which has an open “ask any question” webinar on a Wednesday, and a Friday presentation on various topics by developers and vendors.

Also, have you looked at GettingStarted.pdf and LearningClarion.pdf ? They are also included in the help system, which is extensive.

Also take a look at which is a “Learning Clarion” Youtube playlist.

Hope this helps!

Thank for the info. Have to learn Clarion QUICKLY (for my job) :confused:

There are also a few Skype chats that are Clarion related and quite active.
You can often get immediate help for your questions.

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Learning the Clarion language is simple enough, but becoming a proficient developer using Clarion is an entirely different story. Where to begin and what route to take depends on what your job expects of you.