Browse filter applied only when clicked in list


I have defined Conditional Behavior for browse. Inside I have multiple conditions, and they are using same key. Only difference is Record Filter field.

On browse window there are Radio Buttons to change variable value which is applied to filter.

Only problem I have is that I need to click on the item in list to apply filter. What I can do to call that event? I tried many procedures in BRW class, but it seems that I can not get right one. Also i Have tried with POST(EVENT:..., ?MyList) and that does not work.

Does anybody knows what is called when I click on the item so that filter is applied?

This is usually the problem: You should check the events for the OPTION control (I think EVENT:NewSelection or maybe EVENT:Accepted), not the RADIO controls.

I usually call ThisWindow.Reset(1), to be sure that the filter change is applied to the browse

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This helped.

I just also had to add line to change variable value before being called. If there was only ThisWindow.Reset(1) filter would get value from button before.

Thank you all for help.