Browse locator where you do not have to click the tab key


When I put a locator field on a browse I hate it that I have to click the tab-key to move the selector of the browse.

Field: Loc:Namelocator - Cstring - Options Setting: Immediate.

Right-click on the field - Embed ‘NewSelection’:

CUS:Name = Loc:NameLocator

now when you begin typing in the locator field the selector moves while you type

Position a client in a browse

Nice @pbouma! I suppose you need to be careful though if you have a really big table it might be slow to update.

(by the way, I am going to move this topic to tips category rather than here in docs. I think it works well as a tip!)


Well, I have have build it in customers app browse for products. They have 29.000 products in it ( for my type of customers that are a lot of records) and that works fast.