Browse menu is locked

I just drag up my browse menu into top of the menu (hit the toolbar) and it is can’t move down again. Does anyone can help me how to drag down again the browse menu into center ?



Not really sure what are you talking about, but I suppose you need to move menu Item,
so try to go to your Window procedure, press the ellipsis button to access the Window Editor. Then copy item, ctrl-x, move cursor where you need and ctrl-p to paste

Double click on menu bar in WINDOW designer, this will open menu editor, then you are able to move items up and down using arrow buttons.

Maybe a screenshot along with the window structure source would help communicate the problem.

this is the menu and I can’t drag it down again into center or another position…



Anyway try to delete appropriated section with coordinates in INI file for that application…

where could I find the file?

I’ve delete the file but the result still…no change


What is your browse Window definition? What are X,Y?

To prevent this problem and others, I have created my own (ABC) BCSINIClass that extends the built-in INIClass (.inc and .clw files are attached). When you create the app, go to Global Properties > Classes > General and specify BCSINIClass as the INI Manager:

When a window is opened it checks to see if the window opens off the screen and corrects it if necessary. When a window is closed, it checks to see if Ctrl, Shift, or Alt is being held down and if any are pressed, it deletes that procedure’s INI settings thus resetting it to default size and position.

BCS_INIClass.clw (1.5 KB) (898 Bytes)