Browse on prop:sql

Hi All,

I want to fill a browse with an sql statement like this:


Self.View{prop:sql} = ‘select xmlid, xmlTag , xmltagwaarde from xml002 where xmlid=1’


The code is in the reset embed. But it ad’s the records up on all the existing records. How can I clear the browse so only my prop:sql records remain?

Regards Joep

I think that approach works fine for reports, where there is only one query sent to the server, but a similar approach for the browse is much more difficult, because the view engine in several places will try and add rows to your queue using the original definition of the view, and not your PROP:SQL. Anywhere in the viewmanager class where it does a SET or RESET you need to make sure that it never reaches that point. I think I tried this at some point, but I don’t remember if I ever got it fully working.

Or maybe he just needs to FREE() the queue?