Build w/ Release - Says Success, but No Files

Curious if anyone has seen this before.

  1. Change solution to build in Release.
  2. Click Build Solution.
  3. Output tab instantly says success.
  4. However, no obj, no lib, no dll files created.
  5. Verify RED file as expected.
  6. Close IDE
  7. Repeat #1 w/ same results.

Individually build from each app (DLL) in solution -> all obj, lib, dll files created.

On #1, how did you do that?

Build --> Set Configuration --> Release?

Yes. Exactly the same as another solution and over the previous X number of years.
Before deleting the solution file and creating a new one, I thought there might be a temperamental setting that becomes unhinged.

Hi Douglas - Did you examine the target stuff on the Application tab in the project? (not solution itself, but the .cwproj within it.). There’s a valid target name? Output type looks right?

Ended up deleting the sln file (after saving a copy) and creating a new one. After adding the 14 app files as Solution Items, I again get an honest build upon switching between Debug & Release.

A quick Beyond Compare of the old sln with the new sln shows a boat load of differences. While many look to be related to differences in generation order and associated dependencies, I do wonder what would controls the following:

Old solution file:
Debug|Any CPU = Debug|Any CPU
Release|Any CPU = Release|Any CPU

New solution file:
Debug|Win32 = Debug|Win32
Release|Win32 = Release|Win32