Build won't compile dll unless I delete it

When I do a build or rebuild I can’t get Clarion to compile the dll or clw file unless I delete them first. It is creating a .bpp file.
Have I accidentally changed a setting so it won’t recompile the dll?

Hi Fiona,

A few questions for you :slight_smile:

What version of Clarion are you using?
How are you doing the build/rebuild ie what menu options or icon shortcuts are you using?
If you load up the shipping DLLTutor solution does that compile it’s DLLs correctly?
(ie AllFiles, Reports and Updates)


Hi Graham,

Thanks for the reply. I’m using Clarion 10. I have tried the main menu option in the IDE Build -> Rebuild and the options in the Application view “Generate and Build All”. It used to work, like the debugging, but now it won’t rebuild unless I delete the dll first.

Hi Fiona,

I think I’d start by turning off conditional compilation - Clarion main menu (with no APPs or DCTs loaded) - Tools - ‘Application Options’ - Generation tab and untick the ‘Conditional Generation’ checkbox.

The other possibility (remote) is that your DLLs are located below ‘Program Files’ (or another ‘reserved’ location) and the IDE isn’t able to remove them as it no longer runs elevated.

If that’s the case I’d move your solution to another location.


Thanks Graham, I suspect your second solution is a possibility. It’s on my local drive and I have noticed some problems with my permissions lately.