#Button ,Prop(Prop:Height,%Symbol),Inline - Prop() - undocumented feature or not or a bug?

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So in the screen shots I have an Inline Button which I can resize using Prop().
Is this an undocumented feature or not?
Its not mentioned in the help docs but the appgen does not throw an error complaining of its existence either.

If it is an undocumented feature, potentially making this a bug, is there any way the Prop() can work before the rest of the controls are drawn and laid out on screen?
I tried putting Inline before and after the Prop() statement but I get the same results.

I havent tried @Mike_Duglas Is there any way to force a Display or refresh on a template? window api trick to force a window refresh or to have a #RunDll Clarion procedure reposition all the screen controls based on some other screen resizing strategy automatically.

#Button(''),Multi(%SomeList,%SomeList &' '& %SomePrompt),Prop(Prop:Height,%AdjustHeight),Inline


400 height

100 height