C10 application - 2 sec. delay sometimes after pressing button

Hi all,

I have converted several C6.3 applications to the latest C10 12799 version (legacy).

I have noticed the following annoying behavior when I run my C10 application:

On browses or forms or windows, when I click on a button, sometimes I notice a delay of exactly 2 seconds and after that the action of the button is executed. It doesn’t matter which button, it can be on the Change button or a simple lookup […] button, so any button that is clicked on.
Often, when I click on the button, the action is executed immediately, but too often, I notice this annoying 2 seconds delay, when I press on a button. When this problem occurs, I can also see that the button is still pressed for 2 seconds, and after that, it is released and the action executes.
I can only see this behavior in C10. In C6.3, I never had this 2 seconds delay.
I notice this problem on my vps with Windows 2012 R2, but also on my laptops with Windows 10 and Windows 11.

I hope somebody can help me!

Best regards and thank you!

If you were to wizard a C10 app, would you get a 2 second delay there too?
Are all of your C10 3rd party addons up to date?
Any custom templates?

I’ve been noticing my offline computer messing up since I put Android Studio on it. Like the VMware machine hanging, and its not been the same since to the point I’m considering reinstalling the OS and everything again. All its had is usb devices transferring data to it and the occasional screen shot taken from it and uploaded on here.

I’ve also been hearing lots of ultrasonic “pips” from various devices. For example last week I put an old iphone next to a new one and the new one came up with a message I’ve never seen on the iphone which was something along the lines of “iphone temporarily unavailable please wait a minute” and the iphone was dead. Both the phones were sounding like Geiger counters when they came into contact with each other and looking online I can see alot of people reporting the same error message appearing after different activities.

I’ve just had a google pixel emitting lots of ultrasonic pips from a youtube video I’m playing and I’ve got 4 google pixel 4A’s sat on my desk at the moment so its been hard to tell which devices were sending out the ultrasonic pips, but certainly some of it was coming from the youtube video. I’ve even listened to this track many times before and know its not part of the track and this is the track in question Miss Monique - YearMix 2021 4K [Progressive House /Melodic Techno DJ Mix] - YouTube

Fortunately I’ve even disconnected the basic speaker thats inside my offline dev machine and disabled all sound at the bios level, because when I used to sell hifi we used to turn speakers into microphones just by wiring them up to a 3.5mm jack plug and plug them into the tape recorder. The ohms are different with speakers and microphones, but you can use a big pair of floor standing speakers as microphones if you wire them up differently. In some devices, they can have a multi functional 3.5mm where you can plug a microphone or headphones into them so certainly some devices have the ability built in to use speakers as microphones. My laptops got that facility and I think these google pixels could also do it as well.

It might sound paranoid, but transmitting malware over sound frequencies beyond the range of human hearing is an in plain sight way of transmitting data and the military have had their “signals intelligence” since before ww2, so I wouldnt put anything past the military, of which I’m surround by US and UK military where I live. They are also quite manipulative at getting useful idiots to do stuff.

Anyway my point is, the delay might be some malware on your machine.

Edit. And what I didnt make clear is I’m now seeing since the above that 2sec delay in my C6 apps because I develop those C6 apps in a XP vm machine. Thats why I say I think you’ll find its malware and I dont think its restricted to just C10.

The other problem I found with Android Studio and their drivers is I cant install them without switching off Windows Security > Exploit Protection > Force Randomisation for images (Mandatory ASLR)

Just switched the virtual XP machine on and its come up with one of the installation windows, so I dont know if it was trying to install something or not. Cant find any clues in the event log or the VMware logs. Thats what I hate about these things, you dont know WTF they are doing!

Hi Jeff,

The delay problem has been solved by using the following workaround:

After the command:
I have added:
Window{PROP:Hide} = True

In the EVENT:OpenWindow I have added:
Window{PROP:Hide} = False

The annoying 2 seconds delay which I noticed often, is totally gone. So the display of the window is very smooth and fast now. I had also removed most of my templates in the APP file but the problem still remained. So the only solution is the DISPLAY() command, immediately after the OPEN(Window).

Very strange, but I’m happy.
Now I have to figure out how to add this workaround in a template for all my browses, forms, windows…

Best regards

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You’ll probably want to also write
So that it gains focus


Thank you Mark!
Best regards