C10: Trouble with Module MATCH.CPP

I am trying to incorporate parts of the SHOWIMG example into my project
See C:\Users\Public\Documents\SoftVelocity\Clarion10\Examples\SRC\SHOWIMG

As part of the MAP section I am supposed to have


But I’m not sure where to put the Match.cpp file. I assumed it would be in my project folder, but I still get

Unresolved External _matchset in Fixer.obj

Does it matter if the MODULE statement is before or after the PROCEDURE that uses it?

If I comment out the line that uses MatchSet then everything works, except I don’t get the result I need, obviously. :thinking:

What am I missing?

Also do not forget to include MATCH.CPP in your project:


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This bumbling newbie appreciates the time you took to answer my question. I did the required facepalm :wink:

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