C11 Application randomly closing when Remote Desktop into Server

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Does anyone have C11 applications just randomly closing if remote desktop to a windows server?



There may be a connection timeout?

possibly something relevant here (although things seem to change a bit from one Windows version to another so this may be out of date)

Well, yes, I have all my big apps on C10 and C11 closing randomly while using it over remote desktop.
It is a problem (at least for me) since versions post C10 11897. The only solution I found is to compile with C10 12799, BUT use 11897 runtime dlls in production. This is why I can not use C11 anymore. Search the forum for “Cross-thread deadlock”, you will find that we are not alone (Jack Wilson, Edmond Sarussi, …)



I thought the cross thread deadlock issue had been resolved in recent versions?

Hi Sean

do you know which version it was fixed in?

I may have missed that


Geoff R

… no … I just remember somone coming out with it being fixed. come to think of it it May have invlved the translation thingy that caused problems

The Windows Event Logs should have an entry with some info that may be useful.

Apps close on remote desktop or remote desktop client disconnects?

just the app randomly close, but the RDP still connected.