C11: Auto size BrowseBox is calculated incorrectly for Fonts other than ARIAL

Hi !

Is there any successful experience using the “Auto size BrowseBox” option for a font other than ARIAL?
With fonts Segoe UI, Calibri, Verdana, Tahoma - the column size is calculated incorrectly (any size).
Thanks for the information.


I would look into Runscreen from Capesoft, and while you are there, also check out KeepingTabs.


The code is in LibSrc BrwExt.CLW / .INC the AutoSizeColumnClassType CLASS. You can copy that into your project folder and modify to figure out why e.g. add some debugging and/or remove Protected / Private to view class properties.

Suggest you make a small example APP with 2 identical LIST side by side except for Font so it is obvious. Have the 2nd Browse fed by the same file with an Alias file in the DCT. Post some screen captures here of the problem.

Carl thanks!
You don’t see the problem - because it’s in the national encoding. This is a childish SV error - the property are mixed up. That’s how it works! :slight_smile: How do I report a problem to SV?