C5 to C10 issue


I am in the process of migrating from C5b to C10 but having an issue getting
C10 to compile a C5b dll. I have added C5b to the C10 IDE, updated the C5b
redirection file, imported all C5 templates, fixed any errors in the C5 TPW
files and created what looks like a functioning C5b environment. At first I
thought it was my C5b dll so created a new empty C5b dll but am still getting
the same error, “An unexpected error occured while building this project -
C:\Users\pelig\Documents\Projects\Clarion\EIC\5\eic.cwproj:1” This error
gives me no information as to what is causing the problem and I am at a loss
as to where to go next. Help and/or some direction from anyone, would be
greatly appreciated. As a side note, I am on WIN10 and I do restart C10
whenever I change Clarion versions.


You might try deleting the cwprj and allowing the system to recreate it. That might do something.

I’m also not sure if the compiler and linker of C5 was 32 bit, if not and you’re running a 64bit version of windows then it would fail.


i have been debating if WIN10 could be the issue. Thanks for the help.