C6.2 - applications ends suddenly when opening any new window


this is the problem: In a multiuser environment it happens that clicking a button or menue entry (most after after some idle time, 30 minutes for excample) will terminate without any message nor any log from the CS GPF. So I think the app will killed by the windows system. This happens opening a complex browse window but also opening a simple calendar window to select any date. After restarting the app works fine again and the same window opens without problem. Until the next break down opening a different window. This will happen regardless if the window is threaded or not. Possible the trigger for break down could be from the event sytem and not building the window structur in memory?

The environment is a windows domain (big company) with 100+ users. The used machines are contemporary Thinkpads with W7 Enterprise and 8GB of RAM in an enterprise managed environment. Most users worked with CITRIX (W2008R2) but the problem occurs regardless of running on the CITRIX server or the local machines. The Clarion Runtime is C6.2 9049.

I’am in the beginning of an investigation so any suggestions are very appreciated, thanks in forward,

Hi Bernd
I’m not sure if this is along the same lines but I had an issue with my application crashing after a certain period of inactivity. I turned out to be the Sybase database that I connect to was terminating the connections after an idle time of one hour. I found that I could add an extra parameter to the connection string to keep the connections alive.


Hi Bernd - Have you noticed whether or not your app is eating memory?

@Marc: Good remark! We are using the ORACLE OCI Driver. I will focus my investigation to that.
@jslarve: In fact I had a problem like that last year. But I fixed it and monitoring doesn’t show any memory waste.

I made an assumption about the LICENCE_MAX_SESSIONS and indeed this database param was 100. We growed it up to 300 two month ago and the terminations are fewer after. Since the termination didn’t depend on using a window with db connection I think it is not in conjunction with the database.