C60memx.dll error

I’m migrating Clarion 6 apps to Clarion 11. Everything was going good but all of sudden I started getting this error. Any idea on this?


DLLs from C60 are not compatible with C11. Use the memory driver’s DLL from C11 instead of C60MEMX.DLL.

Agree. I already removed memory driver dependency from application and using TPS instead with Clarion 11 drivers. That change was working fine but all of sudden now it is populating this error. Is there a way I can check current reference from the application?

  • Open the Solution Explorer
  • Expand nodes for individual projects
  • Expand the “File Drivers” nodes under projects’ nodes.

Do you have any other Clarion DLLs that might still be from C6? Maybe one of those is the one looking for the memory driver.

Yes, we have all dlls of Clarion6 including memory driver.

You need to update the drivers