Call/Open update form in change mode via code (without a browse)

Hi All,

This is a simple one for sure, but definitely needs to be here in the “how do i?” clarion repo.

How do you call an update form in change mode from code (without a browse) so that it opens and saves?


  • This is for a non-mdi link, so that the update form is not called via START().


  1. In the parent procedure,
  2. Retrieve the record that the form will be displaying/saving,
  3. Set GlobalRequest = ChangeRecord after record is retrieved, but before calling the form procedure,
  4. Call the form procedure, e.g. Person_Update()
  5. In the “Properties” for the update form, make sure the “Changes” option in the Save Button Properties -> Allow: section is checked TRUE.
  1. Check the value of GlobalResponse when done. It will either be RequestCompleted or RequestCancelled.