Call Procedure as Lookup template - Opens again after selection

Using C8 Legacy
I placed a button on an Update form to do a lookup using the Call Procedure as Lookup template:

The procedure it calls was created by the IDE to be a Select . It does work as it properly selects the data I am looking for, but … it is opening the loopup window again right after the Select button is pressed. NO Embed code on the Select button in the called procedure.

What am I doing wrong?

Perhaps you’ve placed your code template in an EVENT:Selected (or other event other than Accepted)?


Open the Procedure in the Embeditor and search for SelectPeople to see if there is code someplace else that also calls it?

Also paste the generated code from the Embeditor for ?BTN_Lookup here so we can spot any obvious problems. The generated code is the whole story of exactly what is going to happen.


that was the problem. Thanks so much, I would have been staring at that for days.


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