Calling into a Clarion 8/11 program/library from Dotnet 8

I am actually trying to do the inverse of what’s being asked here Call .NET 8.0 DLL from Clarion 10 application

I already got the part fro Clarion to DotNet 8 working - but now I am looking for a way to get data out of my Clarion program to my DotNet library, preferably by calling into Clarion and requesting the data.

So it looks a bit like this

Clarion – calls method on → DotNet Library — needs some extra data stored in → Clarion

First part I got, but I am looking for the second part - I know there is a TopSpeed Driver for .NET but as far as I can see it’s DotNet Framework - not DotNet 8 compatible

I have an example of this floating around somewhere. I’ll see if I can find it.

I seem to recall it being easier to call into Clarion than the other way around.


Found it:

Look in Visual Studio Solution/bin/x86/Debug/net6.0 windows and run the ClarionToDotNet.exe.

Demonstrates calling a Clarion message box and a couple of browse windows from .NET.