Calling Tree Tool

I am trying to find a code parser that will develop the calling tree for a set of Clarion DLL’s and EXE’s by scanning the source code. Does anyone know of such a tool?

I wrote one that parsed the map file of Clarion 6 and made a tree of it. Not sure if it would work with C10, or if I still got it for that matter.
But the map files the thing

The suite of programs in question is written in Clarion 6.3; consisting or
over 179 DLL’s and EXE’s. We have been converting hunks of the code since
I’ve been with the company, but to date, we have made a very small dent in
to entirety…

I found the utility I wrote. It was written to find circular references between dlls.
It’s also really crude and basic. It imports map files into tps tables. But C7 came along and did that anyway so I left it.
If you like I can email a copy to you. Looks like this site won’t accept a zip.

Why are you having so much trouble? Most of my C6 projects just open in C10.

Thanks, that would be great… [email protected].

Hi @seanh

Can you share the utility, too, please?

Thanks for your time.

Here’s a thought…, do you think this would help you track down the dependencies?
For any given DLL or the EXE, compile without linking in the .LIBs
This will generate a list of unresolved externals

You could also try adapting the code in
to build your own calling trees, just not limited to code in classes.

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