Calling update form to update two tables?

Using C10 current build.

Hi all, currently I have a main data table called appdata.tps. It stores all main fields for a case management system. One of these fields is DetailedOverview which is a string 4000 characters. I have been looking at having the ability to be able to format the txt captured, so I am looking at RTF or using the TX Text Control (which I have).

If I went this path my thinking is to store the RTF/ TX Text Control in a different table to keep size of appdata.tps down, with it linked by a unique ID.

Question I have is if I went this path is it possible to show the new field from the separate table on the same update form that is used for appdata.tps, maybe on a different tab on the form without having to use a browse box.



It’s certainly possible. I’ve linked tables like this before. If you setup 2 relationships in the dct, one each way (obviously you need an alias for this) you get to attach it easily as if its a parent and delete it easy as a child.
Updates on the same form are slightly more tricky, but a bit of code in thiswindow.takecompleted will sort you out.

But unless you have huge numbers of records and the file pushes a gig, I’d be tempted to just leave it in place.

If using SQL, you might consider creating a back end function to handle this for you.

There are a couple of options for putting the SQL function call in the ABC classes - one of which is the TakeCompleted method of the form as an intercept for the Parent.

Thanks all for the replies.

Hi Graeme,

I wrote up an article here to describe how I update a “sister” table on an update form. This might help you with what you’re trying to accomplish.


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