Camtasia and Clarion Menus

Was attempting to create a video this morning, and thought I broke my app. When Camtasia is recording, clicking on menus does not work. Accelerator keys work OK, but it definitely puts a hitch in my gitalong.

This is a C10 app, with Camtasia 2018.

Anybody run into that and find a solution?

Hi. Yes exactly the same

The solution is to press the alt key which highlights the menus then you can click on it as normal

Would love to know what the cause is

Last week even had a different variation of this. When not running Camtasia where the first few menus would work but not the right hand ones

Have also seen something similar when running the clarion app in Linux under wine


Cool. Thank you. That helps a bit. Didn’t try clicking after opening menu manually.