Can anybody help me with writing to Windows Event Logs?


I am looking for a way to be able to write to Windows Event Logs, series of events that happens within my application. Before I delve into the API world, I would appreciate if anybody out there could guide me in the right direction. Any help on this topic would be great and would save me a lot of time.




Go to ClarionLive and install Ultimate Debug. Turn on event logging.



Thanks Jim,
But this is not what I was after. My application can already generate debug output and can be viewed using DebugView or DebugView++. I would like tp log certain critical events within my program to be logged under windows event log. See below:




Next version of EasyDotNet will contain EventLog class, which provides interaction with Windows event logs.


Hi Mike,
Is there an ETA for this release?
Is this and ActiveX or a Native Windows DLL library?





  • No ETA, I’m working on it between this and then, for fun.
  • This is just a DLL.


Upcoming EasyDotNet already supports Event log:


FYI: new version has been released.



  • TEventLog class provides interaction with Windows event logs on local or remote computer


Thanks Mike,
I will download the demo and will have a play with it.