Can copy paste controls between apps

Hi All
Just an FYI
I hadn’t tried this before, but it turns out if you have 2 apps open in the IDE and have the screen designer open in both you can copy and paster the controls from one to the other.


OK I was impressed.

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  1. What do you mean “Controls”???
  2. Will this copy also embedded code?

What I mean is:

  1. had 2 app open in the IDE
  2. In the window designer I selected a dozen or more controls
  3. I switched to the other app. also in window designer,and selected paste (ctrl-V)
  4. The controls pasted into the window !!
  5. I was amazed

No idea about embeded source, there was none in the controls I copied, but I expect not

Coming from C6 or earlier people might also not be aware of the copy/paste functionality at all. In C6 you could F2 to duplicate a control but in the modern IDE we have Cut/Copy/Paste :slight_smile:

I believe it also works (in the same app, between procedures and between apps) for variables and such in the Data / Tables pad:

F2 to duplicate a control still works, at least some controls I use (boxes)

I see, thanks. …

Thank you for sharing.
I have had to in the past

  1. copy a control.
  2. then close the app/ide.
  3. open the destination app then the procedure window/report
  4. and then Paste the control on the window.

By the “sound” of things, it appears you are able to open two apps in Clarion. Is this a feature of a particular version of Clarion? My version of clarion can open only one app at a time. True, opening the dictionary(read only) and the app works.

Curious how to do it?

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You can open two APPs at the same time in the IDE since Clarion 7 and above. Both APPs have to be part of the same solution.

If you open both apps separately they do not have to be part of the same solution. There is a flag somewhere in the options that you set that allows you to open Clarion twice. I know this works as I have 2 apps open in different Clarion windows. :sunglasses: