Can PDFTools be used to fill in PDF files



Can PDFTools be used to fill in PDF Files.

No user interaction must be required, all in code.
Each field in the PDF file has a unique name.
Once the fields are filled in I must then print it.
I must also select the correct Radio Button.

Please see attached PDF file as an example.
PDF With Fields.pdf (141.7 KB)

Any help/advice would be appreciated.


Johan de Klerk


Hi Johan

You can use the PDF-XChange Viewer 2.0 ActiveX to do what you require. This can be done ‘invisibly.’ There is an example in the help file. Example name is

I used this as the basis for form filling in a couple of my apps.

Hope this helps.


Hi Carl,

Thank you very much for the quick and detailed reply.

I will look at the demo you mention and work from there and see if I can make it work…

I appreciate the help.


Johan de Klerk


Hi Carl,

WOW this works great.

Question please.
After I have saved the filled in document how do I automatically print it from code?

Or even better if it is possible:
Fill in the original form,
Print the filled in form without saving it,
Close the original form without saving
Do you maybe have any suggestions please?

EDIT: Got everything working as I want it.
Thank you very much again.


Johan de Klerk