Can someone build a web enabled app?

I live in a retirement community and we have a woodshop that needs to schedule laser and cnc machine usage. I built an app with maybe 5 simple tables and a few windows. It would be nice to have a web enabled version.

It may be an impossible question to answer, but can someone ballpark a cost to convert to web enabled app?

Ps, it was developed in CW8 using legacy templates.


The problem is not writing a web app. With 5 tables you could just wizard up something in nettalk and be done in a couple hours.

The problem is that, unlike desktop apps, security needs to be a prime concern for you. Its not enough to just “deploy once and forget”. The web is an evolving environment which requires somewhat regular updates to keep working safely.

This us a common mindset problem with those of us who grew up in the DOS days. We have a “write once, use forever” approach. Whicb is fine on desktop, but not fine on the web.

For exampl SSLv3 was deprecated. More recently TLSv1.0 was deprecated. Automatic certificates gets tweaked from time to time. OpenSSL gets fixes.

For NetTalk ive been back-porting what i can to NT10 (currently on NT14) . So its not about spending money (although you, or your supplier would need to do that from time to time. ) its more about attitude. In other words if your supplier does not charge annually to keep it updated, then it wont be updated, and thats a concern.


If you’ll send me your dictionary and a description of what you want your app to do, I’ll create an C11/NT14 web app for you. No charge. I’ll give you the source code in case you decide to upgrade in the future.

You could access the app on a LAN if you’re not planning on making it public. Having said that, you could get a public server from Amazon AWS for free.

Up to you.

Send me an email with the information.


C11 has support for H5 in the clarion Chain (aka Legacy Templates) so you could have the app running on a browser just adding the global template.
The app will use the same code as you already have, even could run in your phone.
You could running it on the local network and people connecting to a local IP.

I think he only has C8. Hmmm…seem to recall C8 had some tools related to web apps. Not sure.

I don’t remember when H5 was added, but before C11 H5 was only for ABC templates, not Clarion chain, that is why it requires C11

I had looked at the templates and dont believe there is an option for web enabling without having some add on template(s).

Don, would the ap you create be able to run in an environment like GoDaddy? Our club has space on GoDaddy and we would probably put it there.

Regarding security, other than being a pain because of malicious intruders, there really is no sensitive data involved.

If you’re using GoDaddy you most likely have a simple Linux-based web hosting plan.

Clarion requires Windows. People typically get virtual private Windows servers from Amazon Web Services or some other vendor. Or use TSPlus, which also runs on Windows.

If you want to stay with the GoDaddy that you already have, dumping Clarion and converting to PHP might be the approach you’d want to take.
I know that @ArnorBld has built projects with PHP. You might want to contact him.

Friends dont let friends use GoDaddy

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Their domain management site is so bad now. Very frustrating.

Is there a service you would all recommend?

Amazon AWS by far.

My opinion.

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Personally, i would reccomend an AWS, Azure, or similar virtual server. But i am not you.

Given that you do not have the skillset to create, or maintain the program,[1] this is ultimately not a choice you should make. You should find someone who does have the skillset (which is what you are doing) and get a price from them to create And maintain And host. Since hosting costs money this costs re-occuring money.

Creating an app of your size is not expensive. Maintaining it twice a year or so, and covering the cost of the VMS isnt free.

Ultimately the person you choose should host it for you, so any recommendation here is meaningless.

[1] I say this not in a perjoritive way, but in the way a tandem-skydiver should not be picking the parachute. Whether you use a Clarion program, or find a PHP developer is immaterial- but you need to find someone professional who will charge you what is costs so they can do a proper hosting job.

Ohh, but I have created the program in C8 … and am looking to move to a web based app. I asked the original question recognizing that is a skill that I do not have.

I am testing the waters to report back to my woodworking group on what is required.

Eyes are wide open …

Why don’t you just use Google Calendar?
You know everybody that might potentially use the workshop, just share the calendar with each of them.

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TSplus, very easy to implement.
Or upgrade to C10/C11 and use H5 or Anyscreen.
For security, use a VPN, Wireguard is a nice solution, no open ports and allows granular control. But requires a rather extensive knowledge.
Another option is SoftEther, very easy to implement. Open source and with windows installers. If you are going to use your app on a LAN, VPN is not needed.

Using Google Calendar would be easy, but for a host of reasons (some good), the Board of Directors are choosing not to.

does H5 come with the upgrade to C11 or is it a separate purchase? I know that AnyScreen is an addition to C11. Since it’s just me, and I don’t have a business, I might consider the purchase of a C11 upgrade, but cannot do more than that. I’m Retired …

Hence, my original question …

And the original dichotomy: (er… trichotomy…)

  1. Stay with a Clarion solution and get an online Windows server. Clarion runs on Windows. Your Clarion solution could be TS Plus, Clarion H5, NetTalk, AnyScreen…
  2. Stay with your GoDaddy Linux host and get somebody (Arnor?) to write you a non-Clarion solution using PHP (PHP runs fine on Linux).
  3. Maybe there’s a WordPress template that would do what you need and would run on your GoDaddy site.

A lot may depend on your priorities: Do you want to do something yourself as a learning experience or just get something simple done?

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