Can you decompile c# dll and see the source?

I have a c# dll which I want to protect from anyone seeing the original source and use it without instructions how to. I was thinking of adding a method for “LicenseKey” which I would pass from my CW app in order to be able to use the dll.

But all that is pointless if c# dll can be decompiled back to source code. Is that truly possible? I don’t wanna distribute my CW app which uses this c# dll so someone can just easily steal the dll and use it in its own app.




Just tried it. Basically one gets whole code with decompiling. Not good. Need to find some option to protect this.

Search for “dotfuscator”.

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Try ILSpy from the guys that made SharpDevelop the basis for the new CW IDE

There used to be several commercial products to obfuscate .Net code. Those companies died or pivoted - for good reason. Think differently about the problem and a better solution will probably appear.