Cannot open APP in Clarion 8

Hi Guys and Ladies
This morning when I wanted to work on my Apps I got this message

Cannot load file under C:\Clarion 8\Projects\Reconcilliation.

Check the file permission and the existence of that file.

File Name:C:\Clarion 8\Projects\Reconcilliation\*

Path:C:\Clarion 8\Projects\Reconcilliation*

File Name Without*

I cannot open my projects.
Please help

Many thanks

Have you checked the file permission and the existence of that file?

Yes, I did Mike. Thanks for your response. Much appreciated.

Kind regards

What produced that message? Did you have Clarion8 running, then try to open the app, then Clarion gave you the error?
You cannot open any app?

I opened the app file to modify the program and this error came up.

Cannot work on any of my apps

Thanks so much

Does an .xlog file get created? Check the bin folder.

Hi Jeff.
Thanks so much for your help. I did a system restore from am earlier point and that solved my problem. Think it was something I installed or uninstalled that caused the problem.

Have an excellent holiday.

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