Cannot open TopSpeed TPS tables in Dictionary Browse Table or TopScan

Good day. Please can someone help me with advice.

I am using Clarion9 and I am unable to open any TPS files for the one application.
The error I am getting when browsing from the Dictionary explorer on all tables:
“Cannot load Customer.tps under”
“Check the file permission and existance of that file”
“File name Without Path: Customer.tps”

When I try and open any table from Topsscan:
“Incorrect password”
“3 attempts left”
“Do you want to try again?”

I dont know if this is related to each other?

I can open tables from other applications

Thank you


3 attempts left.
I didn’t know it would do that. Does it save the attempts in the file?
You should make a copy of the file on another computer, just in case.

Do you think the file is password protected?

What about TpsFix? Can you rebuild the keys using an example file.

If it’s not a big file, zip it up and send it to me and I’ll take a look. (But don’t send anything confidential).


are the files actually password protected?

There’s a file that gets created by Topscan in the same folder as the tps. Maybe try closing Topscan then renaming that fileand try opening topscan again. I forget the file extension.

If the files are actually not supposed to have an owner id, try using a hex editor to see if it looks like a TPS file. I’ve seen cases where it’s just a bunch of null characters. If that’s the case, you’re out of luck.