Can't post to NG

Hi all,

Recently I encountered that I can’t post anymore to NewsGroup, getting this error message

and on OK

It doesn’t ask me for a user/password etc. Anyone knows how to fix?

I am using Thunderbird, NNTP server. Anyway, I can read messages…

PS. And happened on two different PCs (work and home).


It happened a few weeks ago to me as well.
I contacted Support and they fixed it after a few days.

Yesterday I got the same error and I was blocked again.
I Contact SV and got this reply:
I have sent your issue to my boss.
Someone blocked you and I am not sure why.
Maybe someone did not like your post.
I am still blocked.

It seems the SENSOR POLICE is busy again.

Maybe you also posted something someone did not like. :slight_smile:


Johan de Klerk


I’d like to welcome you (and any others) to the SV Banned Club.
Ask about an unpopular issue and get free membership.


Hi Douglas,


Seems I have earned my free membership to the SV Banned Club.
Must have posted something they did not like.


Johan de Klerk

Clarion Hub has long been a welcome and much improved replacement. I’ve never felt a need to go back.

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I was used legal name/password obtained from Lindersoft as a SB customer. A have no idea what SV had in mind or this was as usual some technical issue…

I am still a member of the SV Banned Club. :slight_smile:

SV still has not unblocked my NG access and also have not provided me with information on who blocked me and why I was blocked.


Johan de Klerk

You hold your head high. No reason to grovel for reinstatement.
Your best colleagues & collaborators are right here.

Hi guys,

I wanted to reply to a message by Dirk and send him the link to a template that might help him.
However I am still BLOCKED BY SV from posting any messages to the NG.

If you don’t mind can you post this link for Dirk:
NG: comp.lang.clarion
Subject: Resize appframe, resize open mdi browse

Please let him know that this might help him:


Johan de Klerk


Still no word about the crime for which you have been convicted?

Hi Douglas,

Nope not a word yet.
Maybe I will never know and never hear why and what and by who.

I asked SV on 12 Dec 2018:
I can’t remember that I posted anything wrong.
I would like to know who blocked me and why I was blocked.

I got an reply on 12 Dec 2018 from SV:
Any of the developers could have done that, I am not sure which one did.


Johan de Klerk

Never any explanation or followup here either.

Nope, it seems SV will never respond.
Seem we will have to get used to it.

When no one is left, who turns out the lights?

You are 100% on the dot with your question/statement.
If SV will ever realize it is another good question. :wink: