Capesoft FTP Control

Hi all,

I am using Clarion 10 with Capesoft NetTalk 10. I make use of NetFTPClientControl to send and get file and there is no problem at the moment. My problem is I just can’t know when the file is finish sending to the server. In the FTPControl.Done procedure, I try to capture self._Command (there are a few times that the .Done procedure is called:

Upload to ftp : pass, system, getcurrentdir, settype, pasv
Download from ftp : pass, system, getcurrentdir, settype, getsize, pasv, getremotefile

I can do ‘something’ when ‘getremotefile’ is captured in the .Done procedure, but I just can’t do the same for ‘putfile’. There is no ‘putfile’ command passed to the .Done procedure and the progress bar doesn’t show also. However the file can be successfully uploaded to the server.

Please anyone help.

Tony Lam

Tony, I’m testing for ‘putfile’ in the Done method.
That is working for me.

Hi Tony,

you should get a Done on Putfile, but FTP is one of the weirder protocols in the real work. Email me some details of your server and I’ll see if I can duplicate the effect you are getting from here.