Capesoft Premiere pdf export - no EastEurope characters in exported pdf

I’m trying to use Premiere to export my report to pdf, neither EastEurope (CP 1250) special characters displays correctly.
It works well when I’m using standard Clarion 11 “Report to PDF” extension with “Image 2 PDF” library ( the other standard library fails the same way ) but when I add Premiere extension using “Image 2 PDF” as default pdf library I’m getting a lot of errors during compile in PremiereCreatePDFFromQueue

Cannot use TYPEd structure in this way - C:\Applications\C11\SmallTest\Books001.clw:1632,26
Field not found: COMPRESSIMAGES - C:\Applications\C11\SmallTest\Books001.clw:1639,17
Field not found: COMPRESSTEXT - C:\Applications\C11\SmallTest\Books001.clw:1638,17
Field not found: INIT - C:\Applications\C11\SmallTest\Books001.clw:1633,17
Field not found: IREPORTGENERATOR - C:\Applications\C11\SmallTest\Books001.clw:1632,38
Field not found: SETDOCUMENTINFO - C:\Applications\C11\SmallTest\Books001.clw:1635,17
Field not found: SETENCRYPTION - C:\Applications\C11\SmallTest\Books001.clw:1640,17
Field not found: SETFILENAME - C:\Applications\C11\SmallTest\Books001.clw:1634,17
Field not found: SETPAGESASPARENTBOOKMARK - C:\Applications\C11\SmallTest\Books001.clw:1636,17
Field not found: SETSCANCOPYMODE - C:\Applications\C11\SmallTest\Books001.clw:1637,17
Illegal data type: PDFREPORTGENERATOR - C:\Applications\C11\SmallTest\Books001.clw:1589,22
Unknown identifier: PDFREPORTER - C:\Applications\C11\SmallTest\Books001.clw:1632,26
Unknown identifier: PDFREPORTER - C:\Applications\C11\SmallTest\Books001.clw:1638,5
Unknown identifier: PDFREPORTER - C:\Applications\C11\SmallTest\Books001.clw:1639,5
Unknown procedure label - C:\Applications\C11\SmallTest\Books001.clw:1633,5
Unknown procedure label - C:\Applications\C11\SmallTest\Books001.clw:1634,5
Unknown procedure label - C:\Applications\C11\SmallTest\Books001.clw:1635,5
Unknown procedure label - C:\Applications\C11\SmallTest\Books001.clw:1636,5
Unknown procedure label - C:\Applications\C11\SmallTest\Books001.clw:1637,5
Unknown procedure label - C:\Applications\C11\SmallTest\Books001.clw:1640,5

When I change the library to “Clarion” it compiles but the output from Premiere export does not contain proper EE special characters, however export done with Clarion extension template and “Image 2 PDF” selected locally works fine


It works fine in “scan copy mode”, but that means you cannot copy text from pdf

I noticed that the default charset for String Theory is US ASCII - wondering if that could be the reason.
In another procedure I was trying to set these properties
StringTheory.encoding = st:EncodeUtf8
StringTheory = st:CP_WINDOWS_1250
and then call
but it did not work ( worked the same way as above) . Finally I did
and that did the trick, but apparently setting these properties beforehand dose not work

I’m new to both String Theory and Premiere, so maybe I’m doing something wrong. Any suggestions appreciated.



Hi Greg,

Thanks for the report, I’ve made a new build (3.44) with the fix for this. Grab that build ( and you should be good, and as far as I can tell Image 2 PDF works fine with special characters.


Thanks Bruce. It now compiles with “Image 2 PDF” in “Report to PDF Global” however still does not display special characters right when using Premiere pdf export.
What I noticed is that pdf generated with Premiere is similar size to pdf generated with Sv/Clarion pdf library with Default previewer and the one generated with “Image 2 pdf” with default previewer is more than 30% smaller. Is it really using “Image 2 pdf” ?
You can find my test app containing some test data and generated pdf’s here



Ok, next build up - hopefully I got it right this time. The example helps so I can see the characters in question.

Download link on to does not work. Probably because the file is called premiereC7AndUpInstall.saf. The one on the main downloads page does work, so I was able to download from there.

New build did the trick, now both pdf generated with Premiere and “Report to PDF” Clarion extension are approx. the same size and special characters display on the pdf.

There is 2 more issues though, however these issues are probably related to “Image 2 PDF” library itself rather than Premiere though, as I get the same results with Premiere disabled.

  1. Pdf export is cutting off Acute Accent’s (, overdot’s and umlaut’s from upper case characters - lower case characters look ok. It looks like the top of the character does not fit in the area reserved for displaying the text. When you copy it and paste to e.g. notepad, you do get your umlauts and some of the acute accents.

  2. When I copy text from pdf opening it with Adobe Reader, instead of
    ÄĄĆĘŁŃÓŚÜŹŻ äąćęłńóśüźż
    I am getting
    ÄACEŁNÓSÜZZ äacełnósüzz

for these characters accute accents and overdots disappear
ĄĆĘŹŻ ąćęźż

When I print the page using “Microsoft Print to PDF” I am getting all characters displaying correctly and copy/paste’ing correctly. Interestingly, when I open the pfd from Clarion and print it with “Microsoft Print to PDF” the characters still do not display acute accents and umlauts, but I can copy the text with correct acute accents, so apparently the information is still there in the pdf.

I have raised this with SV via Problem Tracker, but maybe someone has gone through similar issue and there is a setting I can change?